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Air Duct Cleaning

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Why It's Important

Have you noticed that your allergies have been bothering you even when you’re indoors? Or, perhaps your energy bill has been rising steadily but you're not sure why? These can be signs that your air ducts are choked up with dust and other materials that are drastically lowering their efficiency as well as the quality of the air in your home. Dirt, smog, and otherwise are pulled in with the outdoor air to use for AC and heating and build up continuously over time. Getting it all cleared out occasionally can make a huge difference!

What Should You Look For?

As mentioned, there are several indications indicating whether your ducts could use a cleaning. If your allergies have been extremely irritable, or those with breathing conditions like asthma have been struggling more lately, this points to having dirty ducts that are lowering the air quality. Even those who are fairly healthy will suffer from fatigue, and it can show particularly in kids and the elderly. Keeping an eye on your energy bill is also a good idea, as it can show an increase in spending over time from energy waste. The more dirt blocking your ducts, the harder it is for air to get through and the longer the system runs to make up for it. Other indications can be that the vents are smothered with dust and other materials as well as various messes inside.

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Our trained technicians are ready and happy to come out as soon as possible to get to work helping you! We use only the finest equipment available to completely clear out your ducts, doing so by dislodging the clogs and immediately suctioning them up so there's no cross-contamination.

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