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Air Duct Cleaning Company

Residential Air Duct Cleaning & HVAC Maintenance Services

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Air Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

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Excellent air duct installation, cleaning and maintenance services.

If you have questions on air ducts that don’t work here are the answers to guide you.a

  • Is it possible to do a DIY air duct cleaning at home?

    The short answer is – No. While it is possible for a homeowner with the right equipment and training to properly clean their own air ducts, most homeowners don't have access to the right tools, nor do they have the patience and time to do it themselves. Conventional cleaning tools that typical households may have will not be able to reach into long air ducts nor are they powerful enough to get the job done.

  • Should the HVAC air filters be replaced after a home improvement project?

    If they are dirty they should be changed right away. In general, during the project it is important to close the registers of the HVAC system in the rooms where the work takes place. This will minimize the risk of dust, dirt and debris getting inside the air ducts.

  • How often must filters be washed?

    If you are using the HVAC system daily, it's good to wash them at least twice every month. Air filter cleaning will allow the good operation of the system and keep back dirt according to our air duct company in Agoura Hills. It will also give you a chance to check them thoroughly for damages.

  • Is it possible air ducts were installed improperly?

    It is actually very possible to find air ducts installed in such perplexed ways, which won't help airflow. Though, you cannot change their direction unless you proceed with air duct replacement. At older times, people had less knowledge of air duct installation and many ducts follow long routes without a good reason.

  • When should I replace the filters?

    It's helpful to remember that the main mission of filters is to keep dirt from entering your room. Keeping them clean is one thing but if you notice the smallest damage in the form of a tiny hole, it's good to replace them. Replace air duct filter only when it's damaged. So, check it often.

  • When is the right time to clean my HVAC system?

    Maintaining the efficiency of your HVAC system should always be done. There are no schedules to be followed for its maintenance. Cleaning should be done as needed because you cannot dictate on how much dust and dirt should come with the air coming in your HVAC system. If accumulated substances are left unattended you are running the risk of not be getting 100% efficiency from your system. 

  • Why is my HVAC system still not working even I have cleaned it?

    According to specialists at Air Duct Cleaning Agoura Hills, maintenance of HVAC system does not only involve cleaning of vent, ducts and filters. Maintenance also involves checking of wirings, connections, defective parts and possible leaks. There are instances where leaks and defective parts are discovered only after a thorough clean up has been done. Resealing or replacement of parts is needed. 

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