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If you have questions regarding your air ducts, their functions and how to take better care of them, then we have the answers.

If they are very dirty they should be replaced right away. In general, it's prudent to seal off the vents in any room the work is going to take place in. This will minimize the risk of dust, dirt and debris getting inside the air ducts. However, if you did not seal the vents off, the filters have most likely taken in too much dirt, and it's better to simply get them replaced.
If you are using your HVAC system daily, it's good to wash your filters at least twice a month. It will allow your system to operate more efficiently, and prevent too much dirt from accumulating and hindering their performance. While you're cleaning them, make sure to check your filters for damages too.
It's helpful to remember that the main your filters' main purpose is to keep dirt from entering your room. Keeping them clean is one thing, but once you notice the smallest damage in the form of a tiny hole, it's good to get them replaced. Their efficiency will be greatly compromised.
According to our specialists, proper HVAC maintenance involves more than cleaning the vents, duct, and filters. Checking the wirings and connections for defective parts and possible leaks is also important. These can sometimes only be discovered after a thorough clean up has been conducted. Proper repair work will often be necessary then.

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