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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

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Reliable and efficient air duct repair and maintenance contractor.

Cleaning the air duct should be done with proper knowledge. Get to know the right steps and follow the best tips here. Find out how to check the ducts and learn more about the importance of their cleaning to your health.

  • Lookout for Air Duct Clogs and Debris

    Clogs are actually a very common sight inside air ducts. They accumulate because of debris that pile up for months. Sometimes, rodents and insects can be responsible for creating clogs inside the air duct. If the clogging becomes severe, you are likely to notice dirty air particles being released from inside the air duct. This is when you know for sure that you can’t have such decaying organic matter contaminate your home or office.

  • Checking for Mold

    Mold grows in poorly ventilated areas where moisture accumulates. Mold in your air ducts can result in unhealthy air quality in your home.  As air travels through the ducts it can carry the mold spores into your home. Air Duct Cleaning Agoura Hills can determine if you have mold in your ducts and eradicate it.

  • Who to hire for cleaning?

    It is easy for some fly-by-night operators and do-it-yourselfers with little air duct cleaning knowledge to pretend to be experts and create more problems. Our technicians advise hiring reputed air duct cleaners from trustworthy companies such as ours who have ample knowledge, experience and the right tools to do the job.

  • Routinely Check Your Air Duct for Mold

    Experts over at Air Duct Cleaning Agoura Hills advise that you routinely check your air duct system for mold at least once every few months. Thanks to the moisture that tends to build up in air duct systems there is always a chance that mold can grow.

  • Check After Rain

    Excess water may be stored inside the system after a rainfall or snowstorms.  Keep in mind that excess water may give in to the breeding of molds, and this might affect the performance of the entire air duct system. Any standing or stored water needs to be wiped off as soon as possible. The air duct system should be kept dry at all times.

  • How to clean air ducts

    If you use the HVAC system often, air filter cleaning is necessary once a month. Of course, you must not neglect cleaning the evaporator and give great attention to the condenser unit cleaning. You just need to remove dust but you should also use the vacuum cleaner to collect the dirt from the inside of air ducts. In fact, air duct maintenance will be necessary once a year. 

  • Why filthy ducts cause allergies

    Even if you clean your house often, absence of residential air duct cleaning will concentrate in the ducts and eventually will contaminate the indoor air. According to the advices of Air Duct Cleaning Agoura Hills the accumulation of germs, dirt and plethora of harmful microorganisms is responsible for many forms of allergies and they can be avoided by air duct sanitizing and frequent air filter cleaning. 

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