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Reliable and Efficient Air Duct Tips

Our expert advice can help you take better care of your HVAC system and improve the air quality inside your home or place of business.

Seal HVAC air vents tightly during repair and home improvement work

Remember that only the vents in the room or rooms where the project is taking place should be sealed and the rest of the system should function as usual. Try to keep open at least 80% of the vents at any given time. For proper sealing, close the vents tightly in the first place and then apply the specially designed seal, which should stick to the surface tightly.

The dangers of mold

Mold grows in poorly ventilated areas where moisture tends to accumulate. Its mere presence in your air ducts can result in an unhealthy air quality inside your home or office.  Air traveling through your air ducts can carry mold spores all over your home. Our experts can determine if you have mold in your ducts and will eradicate it if they find any.

Routinely check your air duct for mold

Our experts advise that you routinely check your air duct system for mold at least once every couple of months. Because moisture tends to build up inside air duct systems, there is always a chance that mold can grow. If you detect any mold, or start to notice a foul order, decontamination will likely be in order.

Check if the dryer vent needs cleaning every three to six months

It’s easy to see if there is lint built up inside when you remove the cover. A flashlight can be helpful. Additionally, there are often clear signs that there is a thicker layer of lint inside the dryer duct. The list includes clothes taking longer to dry and the dryer getting quite hot while working.


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